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St Joseph Kintampo

Kintampo is the capital of the Kintampo North Municipal. The District was established in 1988. In 2004, it was divided into North and South and later upgraded to Kintampo Municipal. The Municipal has a surface area of about 5,108 km² and it is strategically located at the very center of Ghana and serves as a transit point between the northern and southern sectors of the country. The population of Kintampo Municipality, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, is 95,480 representing 4.1 percent of the region’s total population.

Catholic faith came to Kintampo in the year 1932, through the initiative of three middle-aged men, who had experienced the catholic faith from other places. They are Opanin Kyei, Kwame Akowua, a post officer and the first catechist, and Opanin Boateng. They were later joined by Opanin Kwaku Baffoe who was a convert from Methodist. This young church started meeting in the ‘Kasola House’ which is about 200 meters from the present site. As a new church, the founders sacrificed their resources to set up a permanent church for the community. Opanin Kwaku Baffoe donated his on land for the church building, which is where the parish now is located.

It was in 1934 that Rev. Fr. Doyen first visited the community and baptized catechumens, and some also received the sacrament of matrimony. As the church grew, three outstation churches were set up in Kunsu, Ntankro and Henakom. Kintampo became a parish with Rev. Fr. Anton Fenz, SVD as its first resident pastor; and has since been a resident parish for the SVD Missioneries. The parish has produced two other Quasi Parishes namely, Star of the Sea at Anyimana and Holy Trinity at Kyeremankuma.

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The Catholic Diocese of Techiman envisions a harmonious society where reconciliation, justice and peace prevail; and God’s people attain spiritual growth.
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