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Holy Family Hospital - Techiman

Holy Family Hospital

The Holy Family Hospital (HFH) was established in 1954 by the Medical Mission Sisters. It all began in early 1953 when three (3) founding elders of the St. Paul’s Catholic Church of Techiman (now St. Paul Cathedral), visited the then Catholic Bishop of Kumasi, Bishop Hubert Paulissen, to express their desire for a hospital for Techiman. The Bishop recommended them to the Rev. Sr. Laetitia Fliegera, a Medical Mission Sister, who was then helping in the construction of the buildings of the Berekum Holy Family Hospital for further discussions.

The efforts of the church elders were supported by the Techiman Traditional Council when the then Techimanhene (Chief of Techiman), Nana Akumfi Ameyaw III made a personal donation of Twenty Thousand Pounds (£20,000) towards the project. On the 7th of July 1953, the Techiman Local Council set up a board to choose a site for the project. In October 1953, approval was received from the Ministry of Health for construction of the Hospital to begin. In April 1954, a total land and area of twenty (20)

acres was given out together with a gift of Four Thousand Pounds (£4,000) by the Techiman Traditional Council for the project. On 17th December 1954, Nana Akumfi Ameyaw III laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Hospital and Bishop Bronk of Kumasi blessed it. Ownership of the Hospital was transferred by the Medical Mission Sisters to the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani in December 1977. Upon the creation of the Techiman Diocese, the Hospital was further handed over to the Diocese of Techiman in 2008.

The Hospital has grown and developed to become the Municipal Hospital serving as the referral health facility for Techiman and other parts of the region and beyond. The total bed capacity of the hospital is 330 and provides various general and specialist services.

General Services

1. General OPD consultation services,
2. 24-Hour Emergency and Ambulance Services,
3. Inpatient services
4. Operative services
5. Physiotherapy services
6. Diagnostic Services (X-ray, ultrasound, ECG, etc)
7. Blood Transfusion Services
8. HIV/AIDS Programmes
9. Pastoral Care and Counselling services
10. TB control programme
11. Reproductive and Child Health Services (RCH)
12. Pharmaceutical Services
13. Mortuary services
14. Mental Health Services
Specialized Services

1. Internal Medicine
2. Pediatric
3. General Surgery
4. Obstetrics and Gynecology
5. Urology
6. Ophthalmology
7. Emergency Medicine
8. ENT
9. Dental
10. Endoscopy
11. Laparoscopy
12. Radiology Specialist
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The Catholic Diocese of Techiman envisions a harmonious society where reconciliation, justice and peace prevail; and God’s people attain spiritual growth.
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