Health Centers


The Our Lady of Fatima health center is a Diocesan Health Project which operates under the Diocesan Health Directorate of Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region. The clinic was initiated by the Medical Mission Sisters in 1991 by the Sunyani Catholic Diocese and presently owned by the Catholic Diocese of Techiman.

The district is bounded to the north by East Gonja district, south by Kumfia Sub-District, east by Prang sub district and to the west by Zabrama sub- district.

It can be reached by a feeder road of about 28kms from Prang-sub district. The indigenous people are Akans who have Bono as their local dialect. However, there are other smaller ethnic groups such as the Komkombas, Ewes, Sissalas and Dagartis. The district consists of 35 villages as its sub-districts and its referral center is St. Matthias Hospital, Yeji which is about 56 kilometers from Abease.

The sub district has about 90% of its working force as farmers. Because of high degree of illiteracy; the people are engulf in poverty, and hence has retarded the development of the area.

Our Lady of Fatima Health Centre provides the following services: outpatient services and public health services such as maternal and child health care and antenatal / post natal services.

The health center used to be called “Abease Health Centre” until the stakeholders of the facility changed the name to “Our Lady of Fatima” to reflect its Catholic identity in 2015.

 The health centre currently has a total staff strength of 41 and provides primary health care services to the people of Abease and the neighbouring communities.

Specific services provided include:

  • Antenatal clinic
  • Postnatal clinic
  • Child welfare clinic
  • Out- patient Services
  • In-patient Servicess
  • School health services
  • Disease surveillance
  • Home visit
  • Health education
  • PMTCT services  
  • Laboratory services
  • Delivery services