Hospital History

Mathias Catholic Hospital’s healthcare professionals perform valuable services that make a significant contribution to the community.

Each day our work makes a difference in the quality of life of those we serve.

Mathias Catholic Hospital is a 146-bed capacity district hospital. It is situated in the Pru East District capital, Yeji. It was established and is managed by the Congregation of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, at the invitation of late Bishop Most Rev. James Kwadwo Owusu of Diocese of Sunyani.

The hospital was officially commissioned in March 1992. It serves as a major referral point for about 10 public and private health institutions in the catchment area with a population of about 128,803. It has 75 communities with 32 of them on land whilst 43 are found along the Lake.

The District shares boundaries with the Volta Lake in the North, Pru West in the South as well as the Sene District in the East, and East Gonja to the west.

The hospital had a total staff strength of 369 as at 31st December, 2020, out of which 356 are at post, while 13 are pursuing further studies in various professional areas.

Primary Healtcare Services

  1. Antenatal
  2. Postnatal
  3. Reproductive and child health (RCH)
  4. Voluntary counseling and testing
  5. Mental Health
  6. Public Health Services
  7. Out Reach programs
  8. Rehabilitative Nutrition
  9. Mutuary Services

Curative Healthcare Services

  1. 24 hours emergency services
  2. General Outpatient services
  3. Inpatient Services
  4. HIV/aids clinic services
  5. Centre/Anti-Retroviral treatment Centre
  6. Eye care services
  7. Tuberculosis control programme
  8. Diabetic & Hypertensive clinic
  9. Obstetrics and Gynecological care
  10. Rehabilitation for the physically challenged
  11. Surgical Services
  12. IP& Op Pharmaceutical Services
  13. Physiotherapy Services
  14. Administrative and support Services

Diagnostic Services

  1. Laboratory,
  2. Electro Cardiograph,
  3. Ultrasound Scanning
  4. X-ray

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