Director: Rev. Fr. Peter Kwame Yeboah
Date of Ordination: 8th December 2001
Offices: Rector, Our Lady of Calvary Grotto
Chairman, Diocesan Communication Team
Contact: 0208227016/0273353231
Address: P. O. Box 251, Techiman
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Catechetics lay solid foundation for faith formation and involve deepening the faith of Christ’s faithful; thus, enabling them to become evangelizers according to their state of life in the Church.

The Diocesan Catechetical Commission:
1. Works together, collaborates and unifies the entire catechetical ministry in the Diocese
2. Assesses the state of Catechetical formation in the Diocese by evaluating the content, structure, processes and methodologies of Catechetical formation in the parishes and institutions in the Diocese and to propose, formulate and review, when necessary, guidelines for a more effective catechetical formation in the Diocese.
3. Organizes and facilitates the formation of Catechists in the Diocese by planning and executing capacity building for catechists, ongoing formation and updating sessions for all Catechists as needed, especially for the Liturgical seasons and other periodically defined occasions such as “Year for Priests”, “Year of Faith”, etc.
4. Assists in designing the basic contents and methods for children and youth catechesis in the Diocese
5. Supports the translation of Liturgical Texts and other important Ecclesial Documents in the Local Language(s).
6. Represent the Diocese at the Provincial and National Catechetical Commission.

Techiman Diocesan Catechists Association (TEDCA)
According to the Vatican Two Decree on the Mission of the Church, in order to plant the Church and to make the Christian community grow, various ministries are needed, which are raised up by divine calling from the midst of the faithful congregation, and are to be carefully fostered and tended to by all. Among these are the offices of priests, of deacons, and of catechists, and Catholic action (Ad Gentes Divinus… No. 15). Besides priests, the ranks of men and women catechists are well deserving of missionary work to the nations. Imbued with the apostolic spirit, they labor much to make an outstanding and altogether necessary contribution to the spread of the Faith and of the Church (Ad Gentes Divinus… No. 17).
In our time, when there are so few clerics to preach the Gospel to such great numbers and to exercise the pastoral ministry, the position of catechists is of great importance. The Catechists serve as catechetical instructors at the parishes and lead the liturgy of the word in out-stations of parish communities.
Statistics of Catechists in the Diocese
• Full-time catechists - -
• Part-time catechists - -
• Voluntary catechists - -
Members of Techiman Diocesan Catechists Association

The Diocesan Catechetical Commission support the Association in the following:
o Promote on-going formation program for all categories of catechists.
o Design a non-formal education program to improve reading and numeracy skills of those catechists who cannot pursue higher studies, especially the part-time and voluntary catechists.
o Facilitate the training of those catechists with the requisite qualifications at the institutes of higher studies and other catechetical centres in the country and abroad.
o Work out conditions of service for all categories of catechists.
o Study the RCIA methodology with the view of recommending ways to improve its implementation in the parishes.
o Collaborate with the Diocesan Pastoral Centre or any centre within the Kumasi Province that has the capacity, to produce catechetical materials in simple English and Twi languages.

Association Programs for 2017/2018Liturgical Year