Diocesan Health Directorate

Ag. Director: Mr. Francis Tawia
Offices: Administrator, St. Theresa’s Hospital, Nkoranza
Contact: 020 7716806
Address: P. O. Box 30, Nkoranza
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Catholic health care is a ministry of healing and compassion. It is rooted in the Church’s commitment to promote and defend human dignity and respect the sacredness of every human life from the moment of conception until death. As part of this commitment, the Church desires to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care for all people especially those in poor, rural and remote areas.
Activities of the Catholic health facilities are coordinated by the Diocesan Health Service (DHS). The vision of the DHS is to make excellent patient care the hallmark for all diocesan health institutions.
The DHS will be supported to implement its development plan. Particularly, it is encouraged to:
• Intensify its Primary Health Care which includes establishing Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) to address the severe deprivation in access to health care in rural areas.
• Collaborate with other diocesan programmes and existing agencies or organizations in the diocesan area to work to improve the environment in which people live. Such programmes will include poverty alleviation; nutrition; water and sanitation; and health education, taking into account the Church’s ethical and social principles.
Furthermore, to ensure availability of adequate health personnel and reduce the nurse – population ratio in the diocesan area from 1:3000 to at least the current national figure of 1:1000, the Diocese has advanced in its preparatory work towards the establishment of a nursing training college at the Holy Family Hospital, Techiman.
The DHS liaises with the Ministry of Health, the National Catholic Secretariat, the Christian Health Association of Ghana, international and local partners and other relevant bodies for the purposes of ensuring that plans, programmes and services of the Diocesan Health Services are relevant and are in conformity with the national goals and objectives;

Diocesan Health Facilities
Holy Family Hospital, Techiman; P. O. Box 36: Tel: 03525-22031/22164
Mr. Christopher Akanbognaab (Adm.) Rev. Fr. Matthias Takyi Agyeman(Chaplain)

St. Theresa’s Hospital, Nkoranza Box 30,
Mr. Francis Tawiah, (Adm.), Fr. Benjamin Benneh (Chaplain)

Mathias Hospital, Yeji: Box 43,
Srs. Prakasamma (Adm.), Regina (Accountant) Rev. Fr. Peter Dery(Chaplain.)

Pope Francis Health Center
Officer ln-charge: Mad Comfort Konadu

Our Lady of Fatima Health Center