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He explained that, Storms, per the theme for the conference, should be seen as anything that disrupt our daily routines and steal our faith, time, devotion and even holiness. Storms, whenever they hit us, and however they appear to us, they command our full and undivided attention. Some storms even prove to be deadly. Today the storms that militates against Christians are more socio-economic and religious than spiritual. We are faced with poverty, unemployment, broken homes, unstable relationships, etc. As if adding more injuries to the sore, today’s spiritual churches with its emphasis on prosperity, prophecies, visions and miracles, all hit our boat and faith so hard that, if care is not taken, we will be overtaken by these storms. However, he offered to the Christian mothers the Word of God, (Matt. 7:24-27), Faith (Matt. 17:20) and the virtue of fortitude, as the correct tools to overcome our storms.

The Conference was well attended by Christian Mothers from all the parishes in the Diocese of Techiman. The Climax Mass was graced with the presence of Nana Afena Nketia, Chiefs and Queens from Jama Timponim and Tuobodom.